Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forgetful Katie

Well, while I was out enjoying a bit of this:

I forgot all about this:

and this:


Umm, this was supposed to be my yoghurt. Not so much. I am not sure what one would call this. Maybe YO-cheese?


Alexis said...

Niiiiiice... leaves, that is.

Livy said...

WOW... That's some craft you took on... LOL

I bet scooby eat it. LOL =)

Wait, which one of us is Scoobie? Didn't I call you Shaggy???

Eh yeah, even Scooby has his limits... I retract what I said about Scooby would eat it... no, no he wont'. LOL

Try again Katie... try, try again... Livy

Katie said...

You crack ME UP!! You are right not even Scoob would have eaten that but the chickens did really seem to enjoy it.
Go figure.


Soooo Funny... Yo Cheese. I sometimes forget the pancakes in the morning... cooking them for my grandson I am just too damn impatient to stand there and wait to flip them over. I try to sneak the blackened side over on him by putting it on the bottom.. Doesn't work though. Tell Miriam thanks for stopping by. I couldn't figure out how to comment on her blog or email her. Techy Tard at its finest...

Thanks Coco...

Abbi said...

I think you could definetely make some sort of cheese out of it! :-)