Sunday, July 20, 2008

Little bit of country in the Golden State

I'm on vacation! I suppose if you'd managed to read my posts on my personal blog, you'd already know that. I'm certainly not hard up for COUNTRIFIED things to see and photograph around here in the old gold country of Calaveras County. Unfortunatly, most of those things are whizzing by me at 60 miles an hour (or rather I'm whizzing by THEM) so I'm going to work harder at doing the "PULL OVER HONEY!" maneuver to get some decent shots. I'd like pictures of my favorite subjects: Old barns, windmills, outhouses... oh wait, I got one of those.

This outhouse lived in the old gold mining town of Columbia in California. It's a beautiful drive to get there from nearly any direction, and there is lots to see for the kids. We didn't pay a dime for anything, except the sarsaparilla and a couple postcards.

Look what else I found. CHICKENS!!
Pretty little bunch of Dominiques hanging out enjoying the company. What a treat for the kids - they even had nest boxes you could spy into to see if there were hens laying or eggs left behind. Fun! My kids, who live with a ton (give or take) of chickens thought this was one of the best parts of our visit. It was a short lived visit, however, which I will explain further over at Tales from the Back Acher.
I also found this gorgeous old house with delightful gardens and the most peaceful picket fence ever. *sigh* Wouldn't you just want to live here for awhile??

Happy Summer everyone!


Agent K said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your vacation and that you took the laptop with you!!

Love the house, it looks like my granny's old house. *sniff*

Miriam said...

Hey, girls! We won an award over at Misty's place! She thinks we're fun in the country! And that we chew on hay! (and that I ought to lose my exclamation point habit)

Anywhoo, since I have missed my bloggy turn here, and only have a couple of things in draft to show for my writer's block, I'm guessing this award is for you two.

Fun with the farmgirls is award-worthy. Whoduthunk.

Chickie Momma said...

Woohoo! An award!! Thanks Misty, we're honored.

Agent K said...

*Spitting out the wad of hay* Thanks fer that thar A. ward thingie.


Thanks Misty! Now if we could only get Miss Miriam to post the thing....Umm, Miriam...are you there?